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About Derrick's Septic

Service Your System Right With Our Septic Experts

Derrick's Septic in High Point, North Carolina, offers a slew of septic system services, including new septic system install, septic system repair, septic tank pumping, and cleaning and septic system inspection.

Derrick's Septic

Derrick's Septic out of High Point, North Carolina, is a locally owned and operated, second generation company with over 15 years providing septic maintenance, pumping, repairs, new installation, and inspection to septic systems. We serve High Point and the greater Greensboro area.

Our personalized attention and expertise ensures we will track down and handle all your needs while answering all your questions. We walk you through the entire process so you understand everything we do and come away with the knowledge of how to properly care for your system.

Septic systems can last more than 50 years as long as they are maintained properly. Systems that fail or encounter problems usually do so because they have not been serviced correctly nor cleaned or pumped in a while. Regular maintenance can determine if tree roots are growing into your system or if there are any blockages or leaks.

Repairs and maintenance can get messy. We thoroughly clean up your yard before leaving, so your landscape is left in the same condition we found it. If you detect an unpleasant smell or wet area in your yard, you can count on our professionals to fix your system.

Call us today for a free estimate 336-848-9137.

Call Us Today for a Free Estimate 336-848-9137