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Septic System Inspection

Service Your System Right With Our Septic Experts

Derrick's Septic in High Point, North Carolina, offers a slew of septic system services, including new septic system install, septic system repair, septic tank pumping, and cleaning and septic system inspection.

Septic System Inspection

When preparing to buy a home too many people focus solely on the property's appearance without considering the quality of the systems they can't see. This "out of sight, out of mind" mentality could cost you thousands of dollars - especially if the property has septic tank problems.

Some standard home inspections do not cover getting the septic system inspected. Depending on what type of loan or bank is financing your home purchase may require a septic inspection in accordance with 21 NCAC 39 .1004, 21 NCAC 39 .1005 and 21 NCAC 39 .1006. General Statutes, Rules and Minimum Inspection Requirements.

Pumping the septic tank is not required for a septic inspection but is highly suggested since the inspector is unable to tell structural integrity or condition of the septic tank without pumping it. A full septic inspection covers digging holes to access the lid(s) to the septic tank, pumping and inspecting the septic tank as well as the drain lines.

Our inspections are affordable and pinpoint potential problems before they become expensive repairs. Avoid disaster and get peace of mind with our comprehensive tank inspections.

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